Excercise set I.

Set I. consists of 7 exercises A-G for achieving muscle balance and upright, aligned and active posture.

1. We begin by aligning the muscle disbalance in the shoulder.

2. We continue by correcting muscle imbalance in the pelvis.

3. Then we must align muscle imbalance in the abdominal region.

4. We stretch out muscles that compress the spine together (the long muscles located along the spine).

Excercise A - Pulling arms backwards

Stretching the spine upward - traction

Starting positon

Stand relaxed, palms facing down, shoulder blades drawn forward.

Tighten the buttocks, align the pelvis. Chin tucked in, head raised.

From the starting position, pull the shoulder blades together, back and down.

Final Position

Shoulder blades pressed together, back and down.

Hands and forearms are completely relaxed and remain extended by the elastic rope, the palms turn upwards.

Excercise D - Circles with both arms

Stretching the spine using the flexed abdomen - traction

Starting Position

Tighten the buttocks, level the chest into the posterior axis.

Raise the arms backward, push the elbows as far back as possible, begin to exhale slowly.

Raise the arms vertically, look down and tuck the chin into the breastbone.

Slowly pull the chest toward the pelvis, arms remain raised.

The chest remains pulled in, slowly extend the arms over for the completion of the circle.

Final position

Relaxation, inhalation.