A sedentary lifestyle disrupts muscle balance, weakening some muscles, shortening and tightening others. In this case spiral stabilization which regenerates the spine cannot be utilized. Thus, we begin our program with excercises that eliminate muscular imbalance.

The SM Instruction Manual contains a set of 12 basic excercises, that will work on all important muscle groups and muscle spirals. All these excercises are divided into 3 sets:

1. Excercises for achieving muscle balance and aligning posture

2. Mobilization excercises for the whole spine

3. Excercising coordination and balance

A mildly skillful person will learn all 12 excercises in 2 -7 days under specialty training. Then the these excercises can serve to regenerate the spine and other joints (hip, knee, ankle, shoulder) after work everyday. For those who are interested in sets and want to exercise more, we offer a set into fitness of 40 exercises for 60 minutes.

We consider it optimal to exercise 10 -15 minutes daily after finishing work and 1x week in a fitness centre under specialty supervision. A list of places where they use SMS exercises can be found in section Products.

SMS exercises combine complex training of the locomotory appartatus and control of movement using the central nervous system.

SMS exercises are:

- strengthening - strengthens weak muscles

- stretching - streteches strained and shortened muscles

- mobilization - restores movement in the joints

- stabilizing - it gives the body the necessary firmness it needs, ensures stability during rest and mainly during movement - dynamic stabilisation

- coordination - coordinates mutual position of movable segments

- optimizing control of movement - exercises the movement stereotypes such as walking, running, working, sports


If you are suffering from spinal problems such as acute and chronic non-specific low back pain, musculoskeletal pain, motorary problems or any other diseases, you must first be examined by a doctor before starting the SM system.

Once you have had a full physical, we recommend that you begin your treatment using the SM system with a Physical Therapist / Qualified SMS Professional to ensure that you are using the SM system without pain. It's also important that each routine is done slowly using proper strength and tension. These details must be monitored by your SMS Professional for your safety and comfort. It is recommended that you use the SM system daily starting with 5 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes after work and 10 to 15 minutes before any sports activities.