RNDr. Jitka Horejsova works in the Czech Republic as an Anti-aging Specialist. She has a plenty of activities in the healthy life style sphere. She cooperates with nutrition experts, biotechnologist, scientist and physical trainers from the whole world. After series of successful presentations and workshops in the United States (in cooperation with the Czech House in New York) she continues in publishing and trainings in the Czech Republic (f. e. magazines Regenerace, Zena a zivot, Estetika, on-line interview on www.zdravi.centrum.cz)... Her domain is to present, promote and support Czech products and inventions not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the United States.

In the 1991, when the term "healthy life style" wasn't well known, she established the first private High School of Healthy Life Style. She is co-founder of the successful company BTL, which develops apparatus for physical therapy in rehabilitation and other departments of medicine. By expansion of using soft lasers (which is by the way made by BTL) in medicine and cosmetics, she helped many patients, but also women, dreaming of the beauty skin, to enjoy a full quality life. She closely cooperates with company Nutra Bona. She is also scientific guarantor for their products. Together with docent Kuzela, front diet expert on Charles University in Prague, she regularly presents results of Nutra Bona's nutrient products post-clinical studies.

RNDr. Horejsova is also classified trainer of revolutionary exercising method SMSystem. As a representative of SMSystem for the U.S.A., she organized few workshops and presentations themed "Back Pain Free!" all around the United States.

Aim of RNDr. Horejsova is to teach people to be responsible for their own health.

Nowadays, a lot of people in very young age range suffer of stress, back pain, digestive problems, overweight, etc.

RNDr. Horejsova points on the main problems and offer resolution in original way. She offers a complete process to make people healthier and happier.

For further information about Dr. Horejsova activities, please, visit her web site www.drhorejsova.eu.