Our system works!

I would like to introduce the original and simple method which helps to relieve back pain and other body issues. The user-friendly series of exercises was created by Czech physician and myosceletal medicine specialist R.Smisek, M.D. from Prague, Czech Republic, and is achieved with an simple elastic cord.

This new and revolutionary method is called Spiral stabilization and mobilization (SMS). Dr. Smisek has illustrated the chain of muscles in the body and the how they function. His claim is supported by more than 30 years of clinical experience and treatment of patients with severe back-pain - and it is the unmistakable proof of its wide effectiveness.

It is the only known method that offers the series of exercises that extend the spine upwards and help to separate impacted vertebrae that causes spinal pain in the lumbar, pectoral and neck regions of the body.

A number of the top athletes have been using this method in preparatory training sessions in order to improve their sport activity results as well as to prevent sport-related injuries in the spine and large joints that are overexposed during their activities.

The exercise has a positive impact as a preventative measure and treatment of large joints such as hip, knee and arm joint as well as leg joints and foot arch.

In the recent years the SMS series of exercises has become a part of regular fitness program incorporated in many EU sport facilities.In Germany, this method is also covered by their health insurance system as efficient back-pain prevention.

Practicing of the SMS series can offer a successful way from the doctor's clinic to a quality life without pain, and to eventual return to normal sport activities!

This method is now available in North America!